Monarch Conservatory’s in-house and outreach programs celebrate diversity in the arts. We welcome all in our doors, and are committed to furthering the love of the performing arts in all people


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Monarch has many programs we can bring to you and your favorite young artists! Perfect for libraries, schools, churches, scouts or summer camps. Call (816)882.2444 for more info or to book your outreach program today.

Puppet Building Workshop:

Work with our master puppet builder to create new friends that the students get to take home! Learn the fundamentals of puppetry performance, a short history of the 5000 year old tradition, and a chance to create two different types of puppets that the students will give their own personality and voices to. This program is available for only $10.00 per student. 2hr.

The Monarch Puppet Players:

Have our professional puppeteers come in and perform any of our three interactive, educational puppet programs, based around Presidential History, Reading is FUNdamental, and Elemental Science. These imaginative, large scale puppet shows are ideal for ages 2-6 and are aimed to encourage learning and exploration. Bright, exciting characters are brought to life, and a short workshop afterwards lets the students see how the puppets are designed and work. These programs are available for $100.00. 20 minute show and 20 minute workshop. 

Continuing Dance Education:

Our dance department offers up a weekly, bimonthly or monthly class that can be a permanent part of your curriculum. Our professional dancers work with students to learn the discipline of dance in an atmosphere that is warm, fun and engaging. This 45 minute class allows students to find expressivity in their bodies, learn about counting and keeping time, and the joy of dance! This course is available for $50.00 per class.

Continuing Theatre Exploration:

Our theatre exploration class is available on a permanent basis to help kids expand the limits of their imaginations! Offered on a weekly, bimonthly or monthly basis, this class teaches the fundamentals of improv, and helps students learn how to think creatively to solve problems, work together as a team, and create memorable characters. Our Improv teacher uses basic and advanced improv games and skills to help students think of new and wonderful ways to play pretend. This course is available for $50.00 per class.